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Airport Sazená (25 km to the north from Prague)

contact_imageNo landscape obstacles close to the airport. The drain system is laid under the grassy surface and therefore the airport is fit for operation even after torrential rains.


Information for the pilots:
Map of the airport
LKSZ, ELEV 233 m / 764 ft
INFO: 119,650
RWY 15 / 33 , 1315m x 150 m grass
6 km NNE from Velvary, vicinity of CTR Vodochody, CTR Ruzyně

Airport Sazená
273 24 Velvary
(25 km to the north from Prague)
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Geographic coordinates:
N 50 19´ 29´´
E 14 15´ 32´´
Thanks to its length of
1,3 km and width of 150 m the airport is ideal for the flight training.