For Pilots

Online flight reservation

Our reservation system can be used to reserve a flight or to plan the before-flight preparation. Here

Information about airport and weather

Watch the changes of weather ONLINE! Checking meteorological conditions is a part of recommended before-flight preparation.

Flight regulations

The complete text of the aviation regulations and standards, including the regulation of European Commission, available online. Locate the section that interests you!

Buy an aviation map

Our company published clear aviation maps of CZ in resolution 1:200 000 in a form of loose sheets, which are ideal for planning flight journey. We also offer ICAO maps.

Pilot insurance

In collaboration with company FT-makléřská we offer insurance for our pilots. Here you can make the insurance online. The insurance can begin from the next working day or from the day you choose.

Before-flight preparation

Pre-flight preparation and supply of information are basic requirements for safe flying. Never underestimate the before-flight preparation - always give it enough time and attention.