Pilot training

Ultralight aircrafts

Do you want to fly undisturbed over the land and enjoy clear piloting? Flying with ultralight aircrafts is very popular worldwide, and thanks to its cost its extraordinarily available.

Pilot of ultralight aircraft - ULL


Price of flight training: 32.720,- CZK (39.560,- CZK incl. VAT)


Controlled Flights VFR

Price of flight training: 7.736,-  CZK (9.361,- CZK incl VAT)

Light Aircraft Pilot Licence

 LAPL - Get a pilot license, which allows you to fly an airplane as pilot in command on non-commercial flights.

Light Aircraft Pilot Licence Plane - LAPL(A)


Price of flight training: 88.512,- CZK (107.100,- incl. VAT)

Price of flight training for previous experienced pilots: 44.256,- CZK (53.550,- incl. VAT)

Light Aircraft Pilot Licence Helicopter - LAPL(H)

UL výlet 2007-05-13_108Price of flight training: 268.000,- CZK (324.280,- incl. VAT)

Private pilot

Get pilot license which will allow you to be a leading pilot of any aircraft except for business flights.

Private pilot of aircrafts - PPL(A)

Price of course: 138.000,- CZK (166.980,- incl. VAT)

Private pilot of helicopters - PPL(H)

Price of flight training: 284.000,- CZK (343.640,- incl. VAT)

Qualification for flights at night (aiplane) - NIGHT(A)

Price of flight training: 14.750,- CZK

Qualification for flights at night (helicopter) - NIGHT(H)

Price of flight training: 100.500,- CZK (121.605,- CZK inc VAT)


Helicopter type training

P2120623Type ratings for R22 and R44

Price of flight training from: 33.500,- CZK

Enroute Instrument Rating - EIR

 Price of flight training:  67. 500 ,- CZK 

 Price does not include navigation and landing fees

Professional pilot

Pilot license of business pilot will allow you to earn money by being a leading pilot of every one-pilot aircraft in business aviation transport, or in a function as a second pilot.

ATPL license

Price of flight training from: 750.000,- CZK

MCC course

This course is mandatory for all pilots who will fly in the multi pilot crew airplanes.

Commercial pilot license - CPL(A)

Price of flight training: 82.250,- CZK (99.523,- incl. VAT)


Commercial pilot license - CPL(H)

Price of flight training: 217.000,- CZK (262.570,- incl. VAT)


Multi-engine licence - MEP

Price of flight training: 47.940,- CZK (58.007,- inc. VAT)



Qualification for instrument flying

IR qualification authorizes the pilot for instrument flying.

Price of flight training: 163.000,- CZK (197.230,- incl. VAT)

Aviation english

Before flights to foreign countries (excluding Slovakia) it is needed to show an ability of speaking and understanding the language used during radiotelephone communication – english. Our school offers an exams to gain certificate ICAO and also complete course of aviation english IR.

English for pilots - IR

Price: 7.500,- CZK

ICAO exams

Flying school Fly For Fun has certification from Institute of Civil Aviation for ICAO Language Proficiency exams. Its goal is to check your ability of communicating in english.

Full motion flight simulator

We operate our own full motion flight simulator on hydraulic base with a new visualisation Prepar 3D from Lockheed Martin.

Simulator is FNTP II certified for PPL, CPL, IR and MCC training.

Full motion flight simulator

FNTP II certified. Used for PPL, CPL, IR and MCC courses.

MCC courses

This course is mandatory for all pilots who will fly in the multi pilot crew airplanes.

Flight instructor FI

IMG_6365Licence for pilots who want´s to be the flight instructors

FI(A) for airplane instructors

FI(H) for helicopter instructors

Helicopter flight instructor FI(H)

Price of flight training from 201.000,- CZK

Airplane flight instructor FI(A)

Price of flight training : 92.160,- CZK 111.514,- incl. VAT

Instrument rating instructor - IRI

Instrument flight training instructor - IRI

The privileges of an IRI are to instruct for the issue, revalidation and renewal of an IR on the appropriate aircraft category.