English for pilots - IR

Every pilot who wants to absolve IR english exams must absolve this course. This exam is required for instrument flying.

English for IR pilots

english_image2This english course must be absolved by every pilot, who wants to pass the exam of english IR. This exam is required from every pilot before granting clause of instrument flying.

Courses are taking place during fixed terms in classroom at the airport Sazenáh in four-hour blocks once a week for 10 weeks altogether.

Course outline

  • gramatics
  • general english
  • comunication
  • shortcuts, phraseology
  • devices
  • navigation
  • meteorology
  • descriptions (planning atd.)
  • flight traffic control, manuals
  • final exam

After successful exams you will get certificate, allowing you to sign in for exams from english IR at aviation institute.


How to order IR course?

IR courses can be ordered by a form
or by phone on number:

(+420) 724 327 922

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