Airplane flight instructor FI(A)

Do you want to teach your flight experience other people? Pass the FI(A) training and become a professional flight instructor.

Requirements for student

The applicant must:

  • hold CPL(A) or
  • PPL(A) and have at least 200 hours of flight time, of which 150 hours must be as pilot in command (in that case is necessary to pass theoretical CPL exams)
  • have at least 20 hours of cross-country flights as pilot in command, including 300 NM flight with full stop landing at two different airports.
  • pass an entry practical exam with qualified FI according to JAR FCL 1.330(f)
  • have a valid class 2 medical
  • have at least 30 hours of flight time on single engine piston aircraft and 10 hours of instrument flying training.
  • be holder of valid radiotelephony licence
  • be at least 18 years old

Course proccess

Theoretical part

  • After fulfilling the entry requirements may be initiated training course, which consists of theoretical and practical training.

  • The holder of a PPL(A) beginning of the course to demonstrate a level of theoretical knowledge in the range of a CPL(A).

Practical part

  • Flight training includes 30 hours of flight time. Training takes place in C150 aircraft and at least 1 hour on Piper Decathlon or Z142.


  • Pricelist
  • All prices includes the cost of the aircraft, fuel and instructor. We fly all year round, airplanes are heated.

How to order a flight training?

Aircraft rental can be reserved using a form
or by phone on number:

(+420) 724 327 922

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