MCC courses

244The aim of the training is to acquire the professional knowledge, skills and experience to operate as part of a multi-crew (MCC) on multi-engine airplanes. It is a prerequisite for entry in the world airlines.

The MCC training course we offer comprises at least 25 hours of theoretical knowledge instruction and 20 hours of practical MCC training on Full Motion Flight Simulator.

Professional competence is a combination of skills and attitudes required to carry out tasks at prescribed levels.
The aim of the MCC training is to develop the technical and non-technical knowledge, skills and attitudes required to manage a multi-crew aircraft.

The aim of the training is to gain professional knowledge, skills and experience as part of multi-pilot crew  (MCC) to safely fly multi-pilot multi-engine airplanes. It is a prerequisite for flying for the airlines.

Entry requirements for the MCC course

Minimum age 18 years. At a minimum the student must hold a valid certificate of medical fitness II. class according to PART-MED. Before starting practical training a 25 hours theoretical training is mandatory. Students must also hold an instrument rating IR for multi-engine airplanes.

Applicants who want to attend this MCC training course must complete all the instructional stages in one continuous approved training course. The entire course must be completed within six months.

The MCC course consists of 25 hours of theory and 20 hours of flight in a flight simulator FNPT II

Price for one pilot is 60.000,- CZK (72.600,- incl VAT)

If you come with one more colleague the price is reduced to 35.000,- CZK (42.350 incl VAT)

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