How to become a pilot

To successfully complete flying course finishing with an exam and issuance of pilot licence you always need to fullfil several basic conditions, which are different for each type of aircraft (ultralight, classic, multi-engine etc.) and pilot type (private or professional pilot).

What are the conditions?

The first one is the minimum age – for example pilot licence for ultralight aircrafts can be obtained since 15 years of age, the rest require age of at least 17 years.

Next important criterium is your health. Before the course stars you need to go through physical examination in the Air health institution (*not for UL).

Training process

After completing all the law-required conditions we finally reach the most interesting – the flying training. First, you need to finish the theoretical part. This will introduce you to the theory of flying, you will learn how to plan a flight, how to do a before-flight check, but you will also gain a new knowledge in fields such as meteorology, radiocommunication or navigation.

Practical part containcs flying with instructor and solo flights in prescribed number of flight hours – training of takeoffs and landings, but also stressfull situations, or safety and emergency procedures.

Our vision

Our shared goal is to make sure that you can perfectly control a specific type of aircraft or chopper. Except the pilot licence, we also want you to leave the training with many great experiences and unforgivable memories.