Instrument flight training instructor - IRI

Requirements for students

Age: at least 18 years
Valid medical 1 or medical 2 card
English language proficiency: ICAO min. level 4

For CPL or PPL holders: have completed at least 800 hours of flight time under IFR, of which at least 400 hours shall be in aeroplanes

For FI holders: at least 200 hours of flight time under IFR, of which up to 50 hours may be instrument ground time in an FNPT II

The training course for the IRI shall include at least 25 hours of theory lessons. In the case of applicants holding an FI(A) certificate, these hours are reduced to 5.

  • Price:
    For FI(A) certificate holders:
    aircraft DA40: 2 hours
    FNTP II: 3 hours
    Total price : Pricelist

    For non-holders of FI (A) certificate:
    ground school: 35 hours
    aircraft DA40 : 2 hours
    FNTP II : 8 hours
    Total price: Pricelist

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