Private pilot of aircrafts - PPL(A)

Basic course for pilots on aircraft heavier than 450 kg and a greater number of passengers than 2 (including the pilot). Start your pilot career.

Requirements for student

Minimum of 17 years, for applicants younger than 18 parental consent is needed.

Valid medical approval of health eligibility of class II. with medical entrance examination at aviation health institute.

Valid card of telephonist is needed for the first solo flight (course is part of theoretical preparation)

Course proccess

Theoretical part

  • Theoretical pre-flight preparation takes place in a classroom at the airport Sazená. Theory consists lectures and consultations. The second part of the theoretical preparation consists of a self-preparation and consultations. Syllabus of the theoretical parts: Air Law, Aircraft General Knowledge, Flight Performance and Planning, Human Performance and Limitations, Meteorology, Navigation, Operational Procedures, Principles of Flight and Communication.

Practical part

  • A minimum of 45 hours of flight time is required according to the approved syllabus. A holder of a valid ULLa , Glider and Helicopter pilot licence is allowed to count in 10% of his/her flown hours of flight time as pilot in command (10 hours at the most) into the total number of hours of flight time to receive a PPL licence. The training is performed on the aircraft type Cessna 150, Cessna 172, Cessna 172 RG or Piper PA-28.

PPL flight training plan:

  • pre-flight activities including determination of weight and balancing, pre-flight inspection and airplane attendance
  • airport traffic and flight operation arrangement, measures and procedures to prevent collisions
  • pilotage according to external visual orientation
  • flight during emergency low air speed, recognition and prevention of initial stalling and fall
  • flight during emergency high air speed, recognition of spin and spin-recovery
  • usual take-offs and landings and cross-wind
  • maximum capacity take-offs, landings on the short distance landing areas
  • flight only with the use of radionavigation, including 180 degrees turn on the horizon
  • navigation flights with the use of visual orientation, dead reckoning navigation
  • emergency procedures
  • arrivals, departures and cross-country flights over controlled aerodromes, procedures of communication and phraseology

The End of Course

  • Theoretical examination is in the form of test taken at the Civil Aviation Authority. Practical skills are checked by the testing officer (examinator) of the Civil Aviation Authority.

NIGHT rating

  • Do you feel like trying a navigational flight? Want to land at night on the flare-path? Get NIGHT rating!


  • Pricelist

  • All prices are with pay 45 hours in advance. Includes the cost of the aircraft, fuel and instructor. We fly all year round, airplanes are heated.

Demonstration flight

  • Have you not decided yet whether to take a flight training course? Try our presentation flight - fly with our instructor. You won´t surely resist it and buckle down to fly yourselves!

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