Qualification for flights at night (helicopter) - NIGHT(H)

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Course for night flights using navigating equippment learn to fly and land in the dark on an illuminated track!

Student requirements

Valid pilot licence.

A valid medical report about health eligibility of II. class.

Valid radiotelephonist card.

Course process

  • Land preparation is an essential part of night flying. Practical training takes 15 hours and includes: flight into space, practicing takeoffs and landings - in pair and solo and night navigation flight.

  • Qualification NIGHT will be written by institute of Civil Aviation into your pilot licence after showing a document that you have absolved the training. Theoretical or practical tests are not required.


  • Night flight course for helicopter pilots  - NIGHT (H)


  • The prices includes cost of the aircraft, fuel and instructor. We fly throught the whole year, aircrafts have heating.

How to reserve a flying training?

Reservation of flying training can be made using a form
or by phone on number:

(+420) 724 327 922

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