Commercial pilot license - CPL(A)

Become a professional airplane pilot. Detection of a CPL(A) authorizes you to act as pilot in command on commercial flights.

Requirements for student

Valid medical approval of health eligibility of class I.

Age at least 18 years

Valid card of telephonist 

Valid PPL(A) pilot licence and min. 150 hours of flight, of which min. 100 hours in the post of the pilot in command, min. 20 hours of navigational flights in the post of the pilot in command, the navigational flights of at least 540 km (300 NM), with full stop landing in two airports and 5 hours of night flights.

Course proccess

Theoretical part

  • The syllabus comprises 200 hours and/or can be the integral part of the theoretical ATPL training program within the scope of 650 hours and/or of the reduced theoretical ATPL preparation within the scope of 450 hours for the IR licence holder. Training theory ATPL/CPL cooperates with the CATC Prague. More information here.

Practical part

  • The flight training syllabus comprises 25 hours, of which 20 hours of flying the Cessna 150 and 5 lessons of flying the aircraft Cessna 172 RG.

  • For the IR licence holders the syllabus comprises 15 hours, of which 10 hours of flying the Cessna 150 and 5 hours of flying the aircraft Cessna 172 RG.


  • Theoretical examinations are taken in the form of a test at the Civil Aviation Authority, they can also be taken in the course of the practical training program.

  • The practical skills can be checked after successful passing the theoretical examination. Prior to checking the practical skills, the applicant must have at least 200 flown hours, of which 100 hours as the pilot in command, incorporating 20 hours of cross country flights in the post of the pilot in command; the applicant must be the NIGHT licence holder.

  • The examination comprises the flying technique and the navigational flight to the Praha Ruzyně airport.


How to order a flight training?

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