Controlled Flights VFR

The course focused on flying in controlled airspace (VFR - Visual Flight Rules). After its completion, you can fly in space CTR and international airports with controlled traffic.

Requirements for student

Conversion to an aircraft type Zephyr 2000 or Sirius 3000.

A valid pilot's license.

Valid card of telephonist.

Course proccess

Theoretical part

  • It has a range of 8 hours and lectures in the classroom at the Sazená airport. Theories include: submitting a flight plan, work with AIP, NOTAM and maps, pilot's ability to obtain information for flight in controlled airspace, the flight training of radiocommunication in controlled airspace, altimeter setting procedures, entry and exit CTR.

Practical part

  • The practical part of the course includes the required tasks with a focus on independent radio communications.

The End of Course

  • Flight examiner with inspector LAA CR (RL qualified MFF) at Prague International Airport. When you pass an oral practical and theoretical skills test you get "Controlled VFR" and it will be confirm your pilot's license.


  • Pricelist
  • The prices are without VAT 20% and do not include airport landing fees. Includes the cost of the aircraft, fuel and instructor. We fly all year round, airplanes are heated.

How to order a flight training?

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