Pilot of ultralight aircraft - ULL

Ultralight aircraft pilot's license authorizes the piloting aerodynamically driven two-seater aircraft to the total takeoff weight of 450 kg. This is the most accessible and most frequently completed course.

Requirements for student

At least 15 years of age. Persons under 18 years of age must have the agreement from their statutory representatives.

In possession of a valid medical certificate issued by a sport physician who is qualified to issue such certificates.

It is advisable for all the applicants to become a member of LAA ČR

Course proccess

Theoretical part

  • Theory is lectured in our new classroom at Sazená airport. It is divided into two parts, after passing the first one, you will get airborne for the first time.

  • In accordance with the UL syllabus the trainee has to go through 45 lessons of Aerodynamics and Mechanics of Flight, Constructions of Sport Flying Devices, Procedures UL1, UL2, UL3; Connection and Radiocommunication, Navigation, Meteorology; Engines, Propellers and Aeronautical Instruments. Including Radiotelephone Operator course.

Practical part

  • Flying is classified by 4 grades. Getting grade 1 and 2 allows the trainee to go on with the next lesson. Grade 3 means repetition of the lesson and getting 4 requires to return one lesson backwards.

The End of Course

  • Occurs, if the student fulfils the basic syllabus and is in his/her instructor´s opinion ready to pass the final examinations. The issue of a pilot licence is considered by a LAA ČR inspector on the basis of the results of the theoretical and practical exams.


  • In accordance with the training syllabus, it is mandatory to go through at least 20 hours of flight time. However, this must be understood as an imposed minimum of which passing does not automatically leads to the pilot licence acquisition. Generally, it is advised to count on a few additional hours.
  • Anyone who do not prove the ability to fly, will not be alowed to take the final exams!


  • Pricelist
  • All prices are with pay 20 hours in advance. Includes the cost of the aircraft, fuel and instructor. We fly all year round, airplanes are heated.

Demonstration flight

  • Have you not decided yet whether to take a flight training course? Try our presentation flight - fly with our instructor. You won´t surely resist it and buckle down to fly yourselves!

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